Expecting Greater

Fit camp has been nothing like what I expected it to be. Sure, there’s meeting some great, new people, experiencing new exercises and nutrition education. There’s awesome swag, a beautiful hotel room, and delicious food too! But it has gone deeper than the superficial. Being a part of this program has given me the courage to face myself and take responsibility for my part in how broken I was, and that all those things that H-E-B is providing for the SDSD contestants are tools towards fixing my perception of myself by fixing my health. Today we visited the Metropolitan Methodist Hospital in San Antonio for what I thought would be all business and very boring. But after a couple of great meals, line dancing classes and inspirational cards given to us by staff, I am convinced that not only is this the best hospital in Texas, but that IMG_0688-1I’ve got to expect greater things!

I guess I expected the mechanics of weight loss but not the heart of the matter. And that is that this journey begins and ends with me. And that’s OK. I am learning that it’s OK to be a little selfish about taking care of myself so that I can be a better caretaker to my family. No, Fit Camp has been nothing like I expected. It has been so much more.

7 thoughts on “Expecting Greater

  1. It sounds like H-E-B has this thing figured out. What a great thing they are doing. Those encouragement cards are great, too! God has great thing in store for you!

  2. More people need to know about this amazing thing HEB is doing! Makes me proud to be a Texan! You go girl and don’t give up. You have so many people behind you, supporting you. Most importantly you are a precious child of God and He loves you beyond comprehension. You know He wants the best for you and your family. I thank God He gave you this opportunity!! I am proud of you

  3. Thanks so much for your support. Yes, HEB is doing a great thing and I feel so blessed to have been chosen. If you’re interested, they have a 6 week challenge that’s open to everyone on the myfitnesspal app. You can win prizes and such. Thank you again!

  4. %The problem is, most of the people who claim to be doing HIIT are not. It seems everyone has jumped on the HIIT bandwagon and regularly talk about how they do 40 minutes or so of HIIT and so on.

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